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A Guide on the vocabulary of online shopping

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To know the in and outs of any new place or to be a part of a clique it is very important to know the basic terminology. Same goes with technology and its applications. If you are an online shopper, then some of the terms used can be very confusing, and you might end up shelling more out of your pocket than it is needed.

But worry no more, as we will help you find the solution, by providing a list of commonly used terms when shopping online.


  1. Pre-Order

As the name suggests, pre-order is the term used to describe, ordering before the items go out in the market. This is usually used when buying albums, or tickets, or a new gadget.


  1. Backorder

Quite similar to pre-order, however, backorder is for the time when an item that you order is out of stock. But worry not as you will receive it once it's available again. 


  1. Order tracking/ online tracking 

This is an ability and a provision for the customers to track their order. This is used to understand where your package is and what stage it is at. This is usually done with a unique tracking number, provided to you by the organization itself.


  1. Digital Download

This term refers to the product being delivered to you online, where you can download it, instead of receiving it physically. This can be related to online books, songs, etc.


  1. Authentication 

This is a process of the site to recognise you. This is mostly done by you logging in and giving your credentials. 


  1. Newsletter

These are provided to you during the checkout process. The newsletters include the company news and details, and mostly some special offers or deals provided by the company.


  1. Retail Therapy

It's a term used by the customers when shopping makes their mood lighter and makes them happy. It isn't necessarily the therapy that we know just a mood booster


  1. Promo codes

This is usually a set of letters or numbers that can be used to claim offers and good deals for any purchase. 


  1. Wishlist

As the name suggests wishlist is a list of the things you wish to buy. You may not want to add it to your cart but have it stored for future use. When shopping online you can create a wishlist and when there are offers or discounts then you can buy them.


  1. Coupons

Coupons are similar to the discount coupons that one receives for discounts or cashbacks. One can access coupons through portals like  CouponBharat, or may receive a few from the online stores itself, when the offer avails. 


These are some basic terms that are used in day to day online shopping. Hope they help in making you aware of the online world. Happy shopping people. 

Courtesy: Coupon Bharat


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