How do I earn cash back through CouponBharat?

You have to login to and make a purchase with a partner merchant that offers cash back on their website. Your cashback will be updated as payable within 90 days from transaction. You can then transfer your earned cashback to bank account.


Why does CouponBharat pay me Cash Back?

CouponBharat has partnered with over 100+ online stores to bring you the best offers and deals. These merchants pay a commission for bringing new sales to their websites. We share this commission with you in the form of Cash Back.


When can I get my earned cashback to my account?

The cashback process is such that we have to wait for the merchant to confirm to us that the purchase was not returned or exchanged. Some stores also use this time to validate that the sale has met conditions for earning of cashback. We constantly work with stores to reduce this wait period. However, just to be on the safe side we inform you that it may usually take 4-8 weeks for a transaction to be confirmed and cashback to appear on your account.


Can I directly visit to the merchant site, make a purchase and get a Cask Back through CouponBharat?

No. To earn Cashback, you MUST visit the store via to track that you went to their site through us, and will pay us a commission. And we pass the most of this commission to you as Cashback.


Where can I see my transactions and cashback details?

Once you’ve logged in, you will see “My Cashback” on the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and then open Cashback Dashboard to see your Cashback Earnings and transactions.


What are the different cashback status?

  • Tracked – When you place an order via our website with any stores, within 72 hours your transaction is captured and updated as tracked.
  • Validated – When tracked order is confirmed by store about its eligibility for cashback / reward, it’s status is updated as validated.
  • Payable – Once the cashback earned on your order is confirmed by store, the amount earned as cashback / reward is available for your redemption / bank transfer.
  • Claimed – Cashback redeemed or bank transferred is updated as claimed.


My transaction is not tracked at all, what do I do?

It can take up to 72 hours for us to get your transaction tracked. In case your transaction is not tracked even after 72 hours, please click here and file a Missing Cashback Claim for the transaction which was Not Tracked. Please note, stores accept claims for cashback not tracked cases only till 10th day from the purchase date.


What are the minimum withdrawal limits?

Depending on the mode of withdrawal / redemption, the minimum amount is set to Rs. 250.